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MotionVolt Games Ltd creates original physics-based free to play games for mobile devices.

The company was founded 2015 by Atte Ilvessuo, game entrepreneur with 20 years of direct hands on experience with game programming, design, production and game startups. 

MotionVolt is structured to maximize flexibility and freedom of projects and at the moment employs 4 employees and numerous freelancers for multiple concurrent projects.

Feel free to contact us directly for more information:


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1 year ago

75 Million total downloads for Flip Diving & Flip Master in only little over an year!

1 year ago

Flip Master bounced to TOP #1 App Store Free App chart at USA, UK and Europe immediately after only two days from Launch!! Gathering amazing reviews all around the world!! Thousand thanks for all the ... See more

1 year ago

The Popular ‘Flip’ series continues:
Flip Master - The ultimate Trampoline game, is released today worldwide at App Store & Google Play!

Developed by MotionVolt Games, published by ... See more

2 years ago

I’m thrilled to announce that my game, Flip Diving, has now received
over 40 Million downloads, and In addition to that, players have completed a whopping 20 Billion dives in the game only 5 ... See more

2 years ago
FlipDiving replay: 2 flips at Deep Cliff! #FlipDiving

The best Dive of the week. Cheer [Player37526765]'s near shorts ripping ultimate slide through recently added new location!

Gameplay video from Flip Diving by Player37526765

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