About Atte

Atte Ilvessuo

Entrepreneur & Game Developer
Founder & CEO of MotionVolt Games Ltd

Hi, my name is Atte. I have been a game entrepreneur since late 1990s and have produced more than forty games for mobile devices, PC, web and game consoles.
In addition to being founder of Motionvolt Games, I’m one of the founders of Redlynx Ltd, the game studio that was acquired by Ubisoft in 2011. Between the years 2000 to 2015, we grew Redlynx from a tiny company of three people to a thriving studio with more than 100 employees.
The games I have produced and programmed have been downloaded more than 75 million times for mobile devices, have been played more than 200 million times on some of the world’s most popular gaming websites and portals, and have been featured by Apple and Google multiple times.  

I was the programmer and producer for the first Trials series games for Web and PC.A full list of my productions  for press reference, can be found below.

I have always been extremely passionate about creating and developing physics-based games, and I’m continuing that with MotionVolt Games Ltd.  

Full list of Productions

For press reference

Creator & Developer of Flip Diving
Developer of all versions of the game for iOs, Android and for Web. 
Over 40 million downloads and 20 Billion dives.
Top #1 download game in over 50 countries, including United Stated & Great Britain. 
Programmer & Producer for Early Trials Game series
Trials Bike (For Web & PC)
Trials Pro (For Web & PC)
Trials ConstructionYard (For Web & PC)
Trials Mountain Heights (For Web & PC)
Web version are still playable here:
(Requires java)
For other Trials games I have been part of large team in various positions:
Trials 2SE (Physics)
Trials Fusion (UI)
Trials Frontier (Monetisation)
Producer & Programmer for DrawRace game series:
Featured at iTunes App store
Web version:
Producer & Programmer for Monster Trucks Nitro game series for Mobile devices, web, for PC and Mac.
Featured at iTunes App store, Mac App store & at Steam
Web versions are still playable here:
Producer & Programmer for Fantasy Rollercoaster
Producer & Programmer for Phobia game series:
Alien Phobia
Producer & Programmer for other web games:
Moon Fishing for Sonera (Finnish mobile operator)
Sled Slide for Sonera
Rollercoaster for Sonera
Kimi Burning F1 game for DNA (Finnish mobile operator)
F! Racing for MTV3 (Finnish TV channel)
DNA Spin freestyle game for DNA
Misse & Murre in space
Brainwave multiplayer Web Word game
Red Bugs Puzzle
Producer & Programmer for Interactive Tv games
For Finnish national TV channels, including:
 MTV3, SubTV, Nelonen and Yle 
Broadcasted also at various countries  at Europe and at China. 
(Between years 2002-2006)
Catapult TV Game
Astronaut TV Game
Astronaut 2 TV Game
Bumper Cars TV Game
Talking Santa
Talking Santa 2
Talking Easter Bunny
Late Night with Make & Mirkku
Schoolday 2
Dance shakestar
Monster Bash
Sudoku TV Game
Wordcoiner TV Game
Minesweeper TV Game
Goal! Soccer Game
Goal!2 Soccer Game
Hockey Goal Game
Dodgeball TV Game
Dodgeball for Jättis icecream label
Fortuna TV game for Jaffa soda brand
Early mobile games
Basketball J2ME (2000)
Skiflying for Nokia Communicator (2000)
Other games from my first company WAH-Software
Shrew war (North & south style fighting game for PC)
Phase 2 (software rendered “Virus” type flying and shooting game”)
BoaBite3D (3D worm game, like in early Nokia phones but in 3D)